14-inch widescreen ThinkPad T61 widescreen is very similar to the past ThinkPad T60, there is almost no difference between them from the appearance. Only a few small details (such as the body of the Logo) has changed, but the most important change is internal body changes, where we observed the naked eye.

In the bottom right of the ThinkPad logo, is the screen lock and open key; at the center-right, are 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks; on the left a little green organs, which control the entire ThinkPad wireless resource on / off, including Bluetooth and WiFi; the far left is the IEEE 1394 small jack.

ThinkPad except for one type of removable CD/DVD ROM drive, on the right side of drive, is a USB 2.0 port.

Far left is the cooling fins; then is a VGA video output port; then is the RJ-11, RJ-45 ports, two USB slots, and a PCMCIA expansion slot + SD card reader total structural design.

Although the ThinkPad T61 is a dual-core model, the operating system is also equipped with Vista Business, but not with the new PCMCIA Express expansion slot specifications, it uses the old PCMCIA. Also in the bottom PCMCIA slot, there is another SD card reader.

For today SD, mini SD, micro – SD flood situation, this is quite practical.

After removing the battery for T61, the back is actually very simple, there were only two power supply hole and heat dissipation fin two parts.

In addition to the bottom vents scattered throughout, there are user replaceable components are available, such as RAM, hard disk … and so on, have been reserved space and a good mark.

Due to use 9 cell battery, so behind the fuselage will highlight a piece.

Although the battery combined with the body, there is a slot to hold it, but still remember to lock the battery to wear, so as not to loose causing power outages.

At the same position with the cover tag, is also an IBM ThinkPad logo. Before you view the fingerprint reader, you can see the drivers from here if you use this laptop: Lenovo t61 drivers.

Above the logo, it is the fingerprint reader.

Below the middle screen with a row of lights, including wireless signal switch state, CapsLock and NumLock and display, and hard drive, power state, etc…, all these lights to tell the user that the current operation of the computer how is it.

At the same time we can see, ThinkPad adjust the volume keys and ThinkVantage hotkeys are in this position.

Fortunately, some of the ThinkPad specific series, in addition to the red dot, but also prepared touchpad. The touchpad slips up quite smoothly and friction on the surface of the stomach and it’s not too big. Slip up, mouse movement speed and accuracy, also with finger stroke quite fit.

For a keyboard, ThinkPad T61 still offers unparalleled control feelings. Yes, ThinkPad series of notebook keyboard has flawless proportions. Key size, stroke, feel is perfect, the layout of the keys also take care of most of the user’s habits.

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The redesign of the cooling system, also one of the important measures to improve the ThinkPad T series model. T61 add a lot of heat at the bottom of the body. It is because of the heat dissipation improvements, T61 using low-speed cooling fans, at the same time Lenovo promote its T61 is the quietest T Series notebooks ever.