Is your Windows 10 operating system protected with Norton antivirus? Are you planning to install Norton antivirus for Windows 10? Norton, the leading online security provider offers a wide range of antivirus for both home and business PCs. Today, it has become a trusted name when it comes to protecting your device from online threats like WannaCry Ransomware, Petya Ransomware, and Trojan horses. 

Either you are using an antivirus or planning to install it on your device, it may happen that an error occurs and halt the basic function of the antivirus. These common errors and questions along with their solution are as follows: Why I am not able to start Norton antivirus on my Windows 10 PC?

This error could occur when you update your Norton antivirus to the latest version. To solve this issue, restart your computer system after existing to all the programs. If you are still facing the issue, download and run the Norton remove and reinstall tool. Once the download finishes, double click the NRnR icon and click agree to the license agreement. Now select the remove and reinstall button. Click Continue to finish this process. Now restart your device to apply changes. Why I cannot find the Norton antivirus after Windows 10 update?

To resolve this error, download and run the fix tool. To run the downloaded file, all you have to do is right-click the Windows10 Norton Upgrader.exe and select run as an administrator. Running the tool simply means that you accept the license agreement associated with this tool. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. You can now easily find the Norton antivirus onto your PC. Is Norton Identity Safe compatible with Microsoft Edge Browser?

The all-new Norton Identity Safe is fully compatible with the Microsoft Edge Browser of Windows 10 Creators update and above versions. The latest Norton Identity Safe is an independent extension that can be installed on any device and supports auto-capture of login items, autofill and much more. You can also edit login items from the Vault interface of a Norton product (Norton security). To install as well as enable Norton Identity Safe extension to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge Browser and click More followed by Extensions from the top-right corner
  • Now select “Get Extensions From The Store”
  • Enter Norton in the Store Window search box
  • Select Norton Identity Safe and click install
  • After the installation finishes, click launch
  • Click Turn it On button on the pop-up window
  • Again open More from the top-right corner and then select Extensions
  • Select Norton Identity Safe
  • Under the Show button next to the address bar, move the slider to ON
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Remember, the Norton product will work on the Windows 10 OS as long as you have the latest version installed for both.